Screen and Media Diploma Course Overview

This course is the best for those interested in taking various roles in the media industry after graduating. It takes two to three years to accomplish this course and join the pool of many media personalities. Screen and media is a huge field with many specialties where people can choose to pursue and most of these subfields have hands-on practical approach training programs. It is a lucrative course that attracts different personalities especially those who love to appear in the limelight, notwithstanding those who love to work behind the scenes.

On average a media personality takes home a median salary of $92,513 per annum or an hourly rate of $47 per hour, which is quite lucrative, and it is even better for experienced personalities in the mainstream media industry. So, why do people find this course more lucrative than other courses? Workers in the media industry get a myriad of travel opportunities and packages that lure more people into this space. Popular among these are the casual appearance acceptable in the screen and media industry. Many find dress code flexibility an interesting aspect in the media industry.


Entry Requirements for Screen and Media Diploma

Age requirements for one to study screen and media diploma is 16 and at least Grade C6 in GCE O’level subjects or relevant NITEC qualifications or 10-12 years formal education for international students. It takes passion for those who wish to undertake this lucrative course to accomplish milestones in this area of study. There are international English course requirements to undertake this noble course, for international students, IELTS and TOEFL but students may be exempted from IELTS if they studied the English language for at least two years in or English language used as an instructional language for other subjects. But a letter of verification from the former school will be required before admission. Financial assistance schemes are available for successful students in this course both from local banks and charity organizations or government to government scholarships, but the majority are self-sponsored.


Trends in the screen and Media Industry

A greater number of screen and media personalities are prepared to make an impact in their lives and that of the industry by at least working in daily production, commercial televisions, commercial radio stations, and other public broadcasting setups. On average, a screen and media personality will work for at least three media corporations before reaching the peak of their career. The media workforce normally involves a youthful population of between 25 and 40 years, but there is a small percentage who work in the industry beyond their forties. The majority of media personalities make good money between 25 and 40 years and going beyond their forties they have had enough to venture into other businesses and leave the industry for the younger generation.

Unlike other fields of study in the spectrum, women are more attracted to the screen and media industry and the ratio of men to women might shock you. Women are likely to occupy senior positions in the media industry compared to their male counterparts and they have clear avenues to get ahead. While having a degree gives you an upper hand in climbing the ladder, it is almost insignificant because promotions are earned based on practical performance in the limelight and behind the scenes.






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